Nom de plume, but make it musical

Hello Readers!

Its been a while since I’ve stretched my writing fingers as Adelle (this has been primarily reserved for my private life as of late). I’m excited to begin sharing musings here again on a regular basis. This will range from essays on experiences I’ve had, poems, general commentary, the occasional lifestyle photo and sometimes just updates on my practice that I’d like the public to be aware of. There will a frequent re-visiting of the topic on how to be the best client/friend you can be and expansion on individual points of etiquette, often briefly mentioned in my/a lady’s website. I hope all enjoying this will find this information and perspective informative and helpful-as it is meant to be both! This is my life’s work and greatest passion, no sense not sharing what I have gleaned (some say perfected;) along the way.

As you can see, I wasn’t quite ready to part with the domain name that I held so long, so I’m hanging on to it and utilizing it as my
blog platform for another year. I’m hoping this will also give old friends trying to find me an opportunity to discover and switch over to my news website:
Rest assured though, I will remain, now and forever, the most devout of hedonists and refined of epicures.

If you’re interested in signing up for my monthly news letter proper, you can do so here:

It includes my travel schedule, pictures not posted elsewhere, a monthly special offer just for subscribers and little snippets about whats going on in my personal life. This is reserved for those who have seen me at least once before, professionally, but barring that is open to anyone interested in keeping up with me.

Besides steering my creative writing toward my Adelle world, I’ve also decided to share to really important elements of what she offers, for public consumption.
For years, I’ve been complimented on my music selection during the time I share with someone. Beginning with curated playlists on my old iPod and now occupying space as Spotify amalgamations of my eclectic tastes, I spend a lot of time considering how music sets the pace and tone of a session…and evening, a weekend spent together. I like sharing what I discover and having others reciprocate.
You can now find the music we enjoyed together and relive the moments through my Spotify account!
Included: music from my fbsm playlists, compilations for specific moods and just fun mix tape stylings with titles to match. I hope you enjoy them. I’ll try to add and update regularly.

First Cut here:


Availability for the Rest of 2017

Greetings friends!

On the 30th of this month, I will be undergoing a routine, but pretty invasive surgery (on my throat). As a lover of all things having to do with my mouth, my wistfulness is centered more around the temporary break I’m having to take from eating, singing and…other things*, than any fear of the procedure itself.

This has been a welcome reminder to me of the value of my health and importance of investing in the things in my life that matter to me [that will be put on pause for a few weeks].

As a direct result, I have decided 3 things: To visit NYC in December (a city I love so much)/Travel. To (finally) officially become certified as a health coach/Dream. And to *drum roll*… Procure another in-call in January/Love.

The former meaning, that between my recovery time & being out of state, I will have limited time for the rest of the year to visit with friends (for those of you I have not yet met, it should be noted that I am extremely low volume in my practice, to preserve the integrity and sincerity of what I do); combined, this means… I shall see less of everyone than I would hope, but will savor the visits I do have, exponentially.

I also hope to utilize some of the resting time I have to finish the re-vamp on my website. You may have noticed it looks a little bare right now, but rest assured, fresh pictures and new content will arrive soon. Hopefully I’ll be posting more musings as well; I do so love to write and rarely find time for it anymore.

My website calendar will be up to date within 24 hours. Pre-booking is encouraged as my availability is so limited. You’re also welcome to screen in advance if you would like to slightly expedite trying to get together another time (though keep in mind, I still require one of my forms for the details of our visits as well as a minimum of 24 hours notice).

Fondly yours,

Adelle Sabatier


Enter the Erotic Zone

As some of you may or may not know, The annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival is upon us. This is one of my favorite traditions in the city as it combines so many things that I love. The energy and ambiance is so welcoming and whimsical and fun, beyond the obvious sexy factor. I actually snuck into my first event when I was 18…shhhh.

This year, I’m offering a very special package for your very special… enjoyment;)

Dinner, a night at the festival (friday or saturday evening) & an evening with me for half my typical donation~depending on whether you want a night of fun or a proper sleepover, this would be, respectively:

I like to give specials on occasion as a thank you for all the lovely times and blessings I’ve been given. Events like this just add additional incentive as its something I enjoy and want to share.

Want two ladies on your arm? We can do that 😉 Got a friend? I have friends. Just inquire.

More info on the event can be found here:

Hugs and love,