X-Men Factor + FBSM duo Special

Well, as it turns out, my previous post was perhaps a little un-needed. Never having had a broken bone or stitch in my life, I was perhaps unaware of exactly how robust and resilient I am. Less than 72 hours after my surgery, both my physician and personal nurse (unexpectedly unneeded) were startled that I was so well. Barring a bit of bruising on my neck, there was nothing limiting or uncomfortable about my daily routine; they jokingly referred to me as Wolverine (for his regenerative powers).

So, having already snuck in some making out on the side and spent part of my today doing my Saturday morning volunteer work, I’ve decided to rejoin the world earlier than expected. I’m delighted to feel so well, but honestly am just happy to be able to actively participate in the things I enjoy, I do not do “nothing” well. Even vacations of too leisurely a slant, don’t suit me.

To celebrate my renewed appreciation of my health~allow me to propose a nod & toast to Your well being, too.

My darling protege’ has become a full fledged Goddess in her own right over the last four years & it is still hugely exciting for me to get to collaborate with her in peeling each others clothes off and touching someone else. Satisfying in the way that can only happen if my partner is as enthralled by the activity as I am. I have exactly that privilege, each time I share space and time with Christina Slater. If you would like to join us for a decadent four handed Full Body Massage this Month, we are offering the following special donation rate:

60 minutes//$400

90 minutes//$550

If you have seen either of us, you are pre-screened and welcome to book through either of us. If you are new all around, you’re still more than welcome to join, just follow the screening mentioned on either of our sites.



A word on trying to change session types midway through our time together

A gentle reminder:

I offer three different types of sessions in which to share time together. These are meant to accommodate the needs, desires and personal boundaries of those I am entertaining. They each require a certain frame of mind and level of physical and psychic energy to connect as thoroughly and completely as I prefer. I offer all three because I genuinely enjoy each element of my practice. If you’ve known me long enough, you know that every rare once in a while, I’ll even veer away from one facet or the other to focus on what I feel I am most able to give, in the event my personal desires deviate in one direction for whatever reason. This isn’t a “job” for me. I am not going through the motions. I am highly present and my pleasure matters to me as much as my companions.
That said, I have arranged the way I do things to best keep me safe and elminate any conversations that I consider a splash of cold water on the beautiful experiences I wish to provide. You will note, from my site and perhaps visiting me-I do Not discuss donations. I expect my guest to have already looked up what is expected and have it an unsealed envelope and to leave it discreetly on the counter before excusing himself to go freshen up. I do not want it handed to me. I do not want it after our session. I don’t want it spoken about, nor do I welcome questions about the amount. I want this portion of our time to be discreet, brief and unspoken so we can focus on one another.
For this reason, i DO NOT allow one to request a longer or different session, once they have arrived. This has only ever happened in a capacity that is highly flattering to me, of course, but the room for misunderstandings is large. And the necessary conversation is uncomfortable. I delight in getting to share time however is desired & find fun and benefit in starting “slowly” and building a physical and social rapport; please just arrange for another time together on a different day if you want to experience more than what we have planned.

Not entirely related, but in the interest of educating and promoting consent-the sexiest of all things a man can offer a woman, remember…with an intimate encounter with Anyone, to always check in and ask and pay attention. Someone wanting or enjoying one thing a certain day, doesn’t mean that they will every time. This isn’t meant to be limiting~its meant to facilitate communication in the bedroom. And maximize all kinds of pleasure for everyone. Menus are for restaurants, not lovers.

Variety is the spice of life! Lets explore together<3 With ardent adoration, Adelle

Sweater Season

Fall has always been my favorite season. It feels like the earth’s version of a getting ready for bed ritual. Its a time for fireplaces, preparation, gentle and slow folding in of so many things. A time for reflection and giving yourself over the inevitable and the seeking of less obvious pleasures.

I’m a girl of textures. Autumnal tactile delights as familiar & perennial as certain flowers in the spring. Corduroy blazers, wool trousers, heavy velvet bathrobes, flannel sheets, tweed overcoats, and, if you’re me-cashmere everything and anything. Promises of protection from the elements to come, but delicate in the morning as the layering over my naked flesh begins. Lingerie lingering nearby, for special occasions. The secrets of my desire wrapped so beautifully and completely in the colder seasons, an element of extra mystery not quite known in a summer dress.