X-Men Factor + FBSM duo Special

Well, as it turns out, my previous post was perhaps a little un-needed. Never having had a broken bone or stitch in my life, I was perhaps unaware of exactly how robust and resilient I am. Less than 72 hours after my surgery, both my physician and personal nurse (unexpectedly unneeded) were startled that I was so well. Barring a bit of bruising on my neck, there was nothing limiting or uncomfortable about my daily routine; they jokingly referred to me as Wolverine (for his regenerative powers).

So, having already snuck in some making out on the side and spent part of my today doing my Saturday morning volunteer work, I’ve decided to rejoin the world earlier than expected. I’m delighted to feel so well, but honestly am just happy to be able to actively participate in the things I enjoy, I do not do “nothing” well. Even vacations of too leisurely a slant, don’t suit me.

To celebrate my renewed appreciation of my health~allow me to propose a nod & toast to Your well being, too.

My darling protege’ has become a full fledged Goddess in her own right over the last four years & it is still hugely exciting for me to get to collaborate with her in peeling each others clothes off and touching someone else. Satisfying in the way that can only happen if my partner is as enthralled by the activity as I am. I have exactly that privilege, each time I share space and time with Christina Slater. If you would like to join us for a decadent four handed Full Body Massage this Month, we are offering the following special donation rate:

60 minutes//$400

90 minutes//$550

If you have seen either of us, you are pre-screened and welcome to book through either of us. If you are new all around, you’re still more than welcome to join, just follow the screening mentioned on either of our sites.



Girl Egotistical Begets Altruistic Efforts; She so Adores her Lovers

Dearest Beautiful suitors,

You have followed me to 7 in calls over the past five years, 3 borrowed in calls, numerous hotels in between. I’m humbled and astounded. You had to relearn how to get in every time. Put up with ridiculous or non-existent parking. And endured that one really shabby place that I was always “excusing”.

I’m happy to say that I have found a spot, barring unforeseen circumstances, I intend to stay at for …you know, always*. Because of this comfort level I’ve reached that has given me this sense of permanence, I’ve hired a decorator to collaborate with me and try to make the place as spectacular as my sessions themselves, as ornate as my mind and beautiful and special as each of you makes me feel just by honoring me with your presence. The degree of opulence and comfort i’m able to offer you is very much due to your patronage. Thank you for allowing me to give you the best…in all ways;) . I sacrifice often and happily (i once had a bed in my in call 4x what my bed at home cost!) to ensure that everything about our time spent together is unforgettable. Thanks for all the great ideas! I know more about liquor and wine than I did a few years back, that is certain. I’ve even received valuable cleaning tips. My condo is simply littered with gifts big and small from the most epically generous souls I’ve ever known. Thank you for giving me pretty things so selflessly. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate them-and you-daily.

I joke from time to time about the persona I like to play up to those who haven’t met me: the vaguely megalomaniacal, snobby wasp who thumbs her nose at many things. Anyone who knows me is aware that I cross the line from silly to ridiculous on a regular basis and was essentially born without ego or vanity (they exist in miniature somewhere within me). However, I have always known myself well and known what I wanted, how I want things to be handled and what will make me happy-why and how to obtain as much. This blog is about me learning compromise, reconciling staunch standings with the gentle intentions i have for others-within myself. Change is not only good, its necessary. And the balance I hope to create in where I can maintain all that I’ve worked so hard to establish, in how I comport myself and conduct my practice, with the very practical and understandable needs of my gentlemen friends~is elucidated below. “We Love spending time together!”… “Why is getting together proving more and more complicated and out of reach??”, ¬†I would wonder in my head. As a notably flexible and agile gal, I decided to start to bend, since that is familiar for me. Lean and stretch and finally stealthily reposition my ideals and planning and way of doing things.

Now for the big surprise:) I have strong feelings about (for myself), operating on an “on call” basis. In the past it has left me frazzled and always unsure of how to separate my personal life from work. I abhor the idea of ever dropping what i’m doing and rushing to do things* that I just can’t-and won’t-do in a state of rushedness. And it seemed a waste, even to a dillatante like me, to sit around all day waiting for company unsure of when they would arrive, afraid to start projects that i would have to suddenly stop. It just made me think of very sad brothels, to put it frankly. Thats not the magical rendezvous I always strive toward. Nevermind that I do not entertain in “that” particular fashion more than once a day. Ever.

However!!!! I have devised a way to be able to make myself available about the half the time I’m free during the week, with as little as 15 minutes notice! More specifically, I have begun too long postponed personal projects (mostly oriented around writing) that I would feel comfortable working on at my in call & more specifically, wouldn’t mind dropping suddenly lest a friend should want to come over and offer me exactly the type of perverse and sexy distraction I prefer-and may be likely be needing. Moreover, i anticipate being full of excitement and creative juices and very ready for company, not frazzled or put out, having to rush from one life to the next. I intend to live out my fantasy of wearing all the filmy, creamy bits and pieces of my lingerie collection, each and every day; not only for the sake putting out my naturally over-abundant sexual energy into the world in hopes of it being reciprocated~but because writing in lace and silk has been a personal fantasy for the sake of doing it, for a long time. I cannot compromise what I believe and how I feel, but I can rearrange my thinking, perspective and how i spend my time to get the things that make me happiest. And goddamned, but I’m happy about this new arrangement!!! The best of both worlds, truly.

I know some men who hobby for reasons antithetical to my own reasons for providing, will probably have a hard time grasping what the heck this long blog is about. The ladies they see likely take multiple appointments in a day(as many as possible, in fact), provide hour long (or shorter) services only, and couldn’t even fathom what their own personal state of mind or desire to be intimate with someone, never mind tending to their personal lives, has to do with taking appointments. They provide a service. A commodity. They want to make money. That is where their narrative ends and begins. There is nothing at all wrong with this. However, i hope anyone reading this understands all the better, my desire to create a level of authentic surrealist passion-and that in order to be operating at That level of sincerity, I have to do things My way. My ways are the reason that my lovers have the ¬†experiences with me that they do. If I were merely taking into account the needs, wants and whats most convenient for the people I see (a fine way to do business, by the way-if I considered this a “job” it might make that path more applicable to me), they would leave satisfied and maybe even happy, but I would not be me. And the extraordinary, remarkable and enduring memories I am able to make with people…give them to have forever…would not exist.

How it will work: Simply look at my calendar. If you are hoping to visit during a time that is listed as “on-call” by all means, get in touch! If i’m free, lovely…if not, depending on our mutual intentions~perhaps we make plans for the near or distant future instead. Keep in mind though- 10-3pm means I must be leaving by 3 so please note that actually makes the latest (per this example), that one could stop by, about 1:30pm. Also, this is Only available to returning guests. A little bit due to screening, but mostly (if you scroll down my blog you’ll see my disdain for the organizations that mechanized the beauty this practice), because seeing someone i have a rapport with will be enthralling and exciting for me-knowing what to anticipate…what they like etc. A stranger calling to see what i’m doing in ten minutes is a bit crass for this lady. Though, i’m always happy to meet new people- i desperately need the leisure element and time to correspond with them, think about them, to make me feel comfortable and happy in my anticipation. A word about calling me….

Applicable for the next week or so, as aforementioned, returning friends have the option of making same day appointments and/or even just using that time to call me on the phone to set up advanced appointments (still so preferred and appreciated). My current friends will have received my phone number at some point and hopefully still have it. Please do NOT abuse this privilege and convenience by calling me Anytime outside of the on call hours listed. My life is far too complex to allow me to speak privately very often (I’m a people person to n’th degree) & it just encroaches too much upon my other world to feel savory or sexy to me. It would begin to feel demanding. Now lets take this perfect opportunity to segue into my next gift to you… I want to see you. You want to see me. I have my boundaries and preferences about things-but lets face it, they are a pain in the ass and i often end up stepping on my own toes and lonely on nights i certainly would prefer company! What to do …what to do for my beautiful suitors? Here it is….

I’m getting a scheduler again! Its been a few years since I tried this. The last one was a bit young and flaky, but considering, and minus a few mishaps, I actually got great feedback from people on the ease this offered. More to whit, it just separates the paperwork from the pleasure, for me. It expedites Everything for you (ever tried emailing me? Yeah. That.), Ive been known to take days to even weeks to screen and occasionally respond and schedule, and even just a 24 hour lapse can mean missing someone I really want to spend time with! When one is planning their life, they need a quick answer, one way or another-i understand and am trying to provide that for you! Both for same day stuff, advanced bookings, screening and questions. Knowing how selective I am and how important connection is to me, I anticipate being somewhat involved, at least occasionally, in the initial set up. And will do my best to answer personal and direct questions and correspondence when I’m able, but if you read my website you will find me imploring gentlemen to please just come see me in person. If I gave the time and attention deserved to the brilliant, kind and inquisitive/complimentary emails I receive…I wouldn’t have time or energy to actually see anyone in person! I value all thoughts and feelings…but ask that my time is valued as well, and that you schedule, even just for social time, if you want to trade thoughts and ideas etc.

The details of how, how much, what, when, how … my scheduler and I are to collaborate is yet to be decided, but I think she will be a great fit for me (an utterly trusted individual), and a great help for [you]. I will provide details as they emerge. Soon, though.

This post is novel enough that I’ll save telling you about the other two treats I’ve got for y’all, for another night;)


“…And more, much more than this, I did it my way…” -Sinatra