Nom de plume, but make it musical

Hello Readers!

Its been a while since I’ve stretched my writing fingers as Adelle (this has been primarily reserved for my private life as of late). I’m excited to begin sharing musings here again on a regular basis. This will range from essays on experiences I’ve had, poems, general commentary, the occasional lifestyle photo and sometimes just updates on my practice that I’d like the public to be aware of. There will a frequent re-visiting of the topic on how to be the best client/friend you can be and expansion on individual points of etiquette, often briefly mentioned in my/a lady’s website. I hope all enjoying this will find this information and perspective informative and helpful-as it is meant to be both! This is my life’s work and greatest passion, no sense not sharing what I have gleaned (some say perfected;) along the way.

As you can see, I wasn’t quite ready to part with the domain name that I held so long, so I’m hanging on to it and utilizing it as my
blog platform for another year. I’m hoping this will also give old friends trying to find me an opportunity to discover and switch over to my news website:
Rest assured though, I will remain, now and forever, the most devout of hedonists and refined of epicures.

If you’re interested in signing up for my monthly news letter proper, you can do so here:

It includes my travel schedule, pictures not posted elsewhere, a monthly special offer just for subscribers and little snippets about whats going on in my personal life. This is reserved for those who have seen me at least once before, professionally, but barring that is open to anyone interested in keeping up with me.

Besides steering my creative writing toward my Adelle world, I’ve also decided to share to really important elements of what she offers, for public consumption.
For years, I’ve been complimented on my music selection during the time I share with someone. Beginning with curated playlists on my old iPod and now occupying space as Spotify amalgamations of my eclectic tastes, I spend a lot of time considering how music sets the pace and tone of a session…and evening, a weekend spent together. I like sharing what I discover and having others reciprocate.
You can now find the music we enjoyed together and relive the moments through my Spotify account!
Included: music from my fbsm playlists, compilations for specific moods and just fun mix tape stylings with titles to match. I hope you enjoy them. I’ll try to add and update regularly.

First Cut here:


X-Men Factor + FBSM duo Special

Well, as it turns out, my previous post was perhaps a little un-needed. Never having had a broken bone or stitch in my life, I was perhaps unaware of exactly how robust and resilient I am. Less than 72 hours after my surgery, both my physician and personal nurse (unexpectedly unneeded) were startled that I was so well. Barring a bit of bruising on my neck, there was nothing limiting or uncomfortable about my daily routine; they jokingly referred to me as Wolverine (for his regenerative powers).

So, having already snuck in some making out on the side and spent part of my today doing my Saturday morning volunteer work, I’ve decided to rejoin the world earlier than expected. I’m delighted to feel so well, but honestly am just happy to be able to actively participate in the things I enjoy, I do not do “nothing” well. Even vacations of too leisurely a slant, don’t suit me.

To celebrate my renewed appreciation of my health~allow me to propose a nod & toast to Your well being, too.

My darling protege’ has become a full fledged Goddess in her own right over the last four years & it is still hugely exciting for me to get to collaborate with her in peeling each others clothes off and touching someone else. Satisfying in the way that can only happen if my partner is as enthralled by the activity as I am. I have exactly that privilege, each time I share space and time with Christina Slater. If you would like to join us for a decadent four handed Full Body Massage this Month, we are offering the following special donation rate:

60 minutes//$400

90 minutes//$550

If you have seen either of us, you are pre-screened and welcome to book through either of us. If you are new all around, you’re still more than welcome to join, just follow the screening mentioned on either of our sites.