For the beautiful month of March gracing us so romantically this time around, all cherry blossoms and soft breezes…I think it’s about time for a little special. Something equally rewarding and satisfying.

March 1-31st I will be offering the following three options for your delight:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

FIRST TIME FBSM VISITORS~Enjoy my signature 80 minute Temple style fbsm session ($250/regularly) for the same donation as its 60 minute version ($220).

RETURNING FRIENDS~Have we shared a mutual touch fbsm type engagement before? Lets do it again! 80 minute Mutual touch fbsm sessions (reg. $450) for March will be the same donation as 60 mins typically is ($400).

New And Returning Visitors~When you come to visit me for any session length on my website, enjoy an additional amount of scrumptious time together at the previous tier’s donation scale//I.e. if you book one hour, you will have the option of a 90 minute visit. 2 hours=3 etc. And yes, this includes the jump from the 6 hour session to the 12 hour one 😉 All details found on the “Dates” page on my website. This offer is for dates Only.


Please make sure to mention this special when booking.

Applicable for luncheon and supper club members, also.**Date special only applicable up to 5 hour visits, in this case.

These are three separate specials which cannot be applied together, though you’re welcome to come see me multiple times in march and enjoy the special again and again!


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