Flights of Fancy

While some people have a natural joie de vivre bestowed upon them at birth, I believe that appreciation and enjoyment of life is something to be continually cultivated. Whether it is an environment that you create or something you engage actively in, mindfulness and gratitude will lend itself well to being a happier person. Appreciating something is a step toward love and all steps in that direction are good.

A friend pointed out to me that I am the only person she has met who travels with candles and lights and speakers. And followed that with a gentle raised eyebrow to the plant I had purchased on my trip to keep me company. (Its hard to pack those, so I like to buy them in every city I visit and leave them as gifts for my hosts).

Ambiance (scent, light, music and living things) is deeply important to me. It is a luxury. An extravagance. Something that accomplishes nothing tangible. And it encompasses a lot about how I have chosen to live. More specifically, that I endeavor, every single day to seek out and surround myself with beauty and take note of it~is something that I want to share with those who spend time with me.

Tell me what you love. Tell me what brings you joy and why.

This is a little snapshot I took on a recent get away. Its me and my cyclamen friend~I put her near the open window so she could feel like she was part of the garden outside. A little whimsical and childlike, but it made me happy.

I liked the paned windows, because I could hear the rain every night, through them-even though they didn’t insulate very well. I liked the wooden dresser that wasn’t from IKEA, because of the craftsmanship put into it-even if it squeaked. And I like how completely thick and strong my thighs and fanny looked in this picture; I’m endlessly grateful for their support in my athletic endeavors.

And those back dimples? I like them because I have no idea what or why they are. Even after research that mentioned something about ligaments and genetics and good circulation~they, to me, are a physical manifestation of what I believe in- decoration that requires no purpose.

Two twinkle twinkle little stars of compositional mystery, holding me together.


Jenny: “We don’t go to any concerts. We don’t believe in them. He’d say there’s no point to them…they’re just for fun. They don’t help you get on.”

David: “Which of course is what is so wonderful about them.”

-An Education