Etiquette & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon arrival, leave donation in an unsealed envelope and accept the offer you will receive to freshen up. If we are meeting in a public place, a book or clean empty coffee cup are clever ways to meet the same goal. If you are uncertain of expectations, particularly if you have been grandfathered in, please ask before arriving, an error in this department is very uncomfortable for all. Use said offer to freshen up. A shower and opportunity to freshen ones breath have their place & will enhance both of our experiences. In public, I will be a doting and affectionate lady friend, but cannot engage in PDA. I find it unbecoming in general, and have far too broad reaching of a social circle and standing to risk needing to explain the like. If we should encounter anyone either of us know, please remain calm-I’m quite savvy. Utilize the request forms! If an email reaches me that clearly has a purpose and needs a direct answer that is fine, but few things will cause an end to a relationship with me quicker than miscellaneous emails that use my time and energy and do not result in us spending time together. Arrangements and exceptions may be made for my out of town friends that I do not get to see often enough.

“Do you engage in any BDSM?”

~Occasionally yes. Usually with established friends. Only within my comfort zones. When I get into this…I really get into it. However, I am a truly organic person, I don’t make any thing of this nature a typical offering in the event the day arrive and I’m just not feeling it. Feel free to inquire! Furthermore, this is an instance where I would actually welcome a duo opportunity.

“Do you offer an incall?”

Yes, and almost exclusively. I have a well appointed apartment that I keep just for playtime. If you are staying at a hotel, I wouldn’t rule out coming to see you there, I just find it less intimate.

“Do you travel?”

Yes, check my calendar to see if I may be in your city and inquire accordingly. If you would like me to fly to you or with you, out of state, I will need approximately ten days notice.

“Your screening is intensive, why do you not take references?”

~I can tell you, much thought and experience is behind my screening process, nothing about it is arbitrary. Just as I would not allow a stranger into my home, I will not meet with someone in private if I don’t know who I am dealing with. This provides you the added benefit of knowing that all other persons aware of me or my space have been equally vetted. Mutual accountability is super important to me, in the overall conduct of my suitors. In return, you can rest assured I will take every precaution to protect your privacy and respect your boundaries.