Bodywork — Full Body Sensual Massage

Physical human contact is vital for the body and spirit to thrive. Our modern world has limited the opportunities we have to engage each other in this fashion. During this session, I intend to fill and saturate all of the need to be touched that exists for you; imagine one slow, long, incredibly sensual envelopment of your body.

I was drawn to exploring sensual body work as I’ve always felt the most comfortable with communicating and feeling with my hands and body. This particular style of fbsm indulges my predisposed nature as a giver and lets me thrive on direct energy flow. For this reason, this nurturing, loving application of intuitive touch is an essential part of my practice as a whole.

Please do keep in mind that the nature of these experiences is for me to allow utter relaxation and self awareness of my visitor. Consequently, I emphasize unidirectional touch and silence during ones’ time one the table. I adore talking and even snuggling up a bit, before or after, to enjoy one another’s company, but grabbing hands and gabby mouths during an actual session distract me from attending to your body as I would prefer.

For anyone who has hesitated, for any reason, to turn themselves over to another and simply receive & enjoy being pampered and cared for, you are missing out on one of the most satisfying experiences you’ll ever have. This is not to be compared to activities one is typically used to with a female companion; it is in no way a lesser or diluted version of what some consider to be “more intimate” activities. It is unto itself and has value and merit comparable and sometimes, even greater than what one may believe they are seeking.

Rates —

60 minutes/$240
80 minutes/$300


I do not offer this service while traveling unless someone can discreetly provide me a massage table in their/my hotel room. Bed sessions are uncomfortable and tend to give mind to other activities. Occasionally, I will make an addendum to this if I have seen someone in my Seattle studio previously.

I’ve always avoided spelling out the details of anything I offer as I believe it to be distasteful, however, in the interest of differentiating between my two fbsm offerings and avoiding awkward questions and situations- I will. In simplest terms, temple style fbsm is unidirectional touch and does Not include these two things: tongues and any area of my anatomy that would be covered by a thong. If one would find this to be limiting or unsatisfying I suggest they consider another of my options for spending time together.