Who Am I?

Who Am I and Who Do I Want to Meet?

Hedonistic: Engaged in the pursuit of pleasure; sensually self-indulgent.

Epicure: 1. a person who cultivates a refined taste, especially in food and wine; connoisseur. 2. Archaic. a person dedicated to sensual enjoyment.

I have been called a muse, addictive, satiating and disarming. I think of myself as coy and playful. I am interested in meeting You and discovering what sorts of impressions we can make on each other. You deserve to be happy and the center of someone’s attention, I would like to be the person to give you both.

Being a woman who appreciates and excels at the pleasurable elements of living, I began my practice as a creative way to share this proclivity with those seeking a guide to them. Adelle Sabatier is an amalgamation of all the best pieces of myself & everything that comes with having a sexy confidante… without any of the trappings or complications of having a traditional relationship.

I am the sexy masseuse, the attentive listener, the charming dinner companion, the one who will touch all the right places and serve you wine as quickly as an informed, honest opinion. My disposition and poise have favored me with the ability to provide companionship gracefully in public, as well as in private.

I have lived a real life and paid attention. I was raised in the south, spent some formative years on the east coast and settled in Seattle permanently by adulthood. Today, I am actively involved in my community, maintain another occupation in addition to this one and fill my weeks with an equal mix of my secret and civilian life. When at leisure, I fancy books, walks, cooking, baking and listening to records. On more ambitious days you can find me lifting weights, sweating it out in hot yoga or writing erotic short stories.

By natural design, I spend my time with individuals I authentically like being around. It is a luxury to be selective and I opt into it in every area of my life. Educated, witty, tactile, physically charged, enthusiastic, curious, worldly, kind, intuitive, smart-are all words I’d use to describe my favorite patrons. We reflect back at those we are with, exactly who we are (or at least are striving to be). The levels of respect, discretion and consideration I require are what I offer in return.

Race, age, religion, weight, appearance etc. are of no consequence to me. Manners, hygiene, sincerity and adherence to my requests are.

What I look like:

It’s funny, the often profound difference between how we view ourselves and how others see us, but for those interested, here is what the mirror tells me: My hair is shoulder length and naturally sandy blond~though subject to my whims and currently a shade of strawberry; my eyes are blue and hint at periwinkle. I am five foot seven and possessing of innumerable curves, with a physique that could called athletic and womanly. I have a classical English face & very fair skin with a smattering of freckles and measure at 34c, 28, 38.

What I provide:

I offer different variations of sensual bodywork at my private downtown Seattle incall. Additionally, I also offer courtesan styled companionship “dates” (in Seattle and many other cities I visit). The following pages of my website will outline what these entail, respectively. Please fill out a first time or returning visitors form if you would like to schedule time together.


With Love,